• Manufactured by: Taylor, (actually unknown)
    • Country of origin: China
    • Manufactured since: 2012 – Present
    • Price: $1.6 – $4 per IU
    • Source: 5kits

Taitropin is another Chinese brand of human growth hormone. It’s a proper 191 amino acid sequence somatropin. While the brand came into existence as just another relabeled generic, more effort seems to have been put in it’s marketing. The packaging looks more presentable than the rest of the branded generics. Each kit contains 10 vials of 10IU (3.3 mg) of recombinant human growth hormone in a freeze dried (lyophilized) state.

Each box of Taitropin comes with and anti-counterfeiting code so that people can verify the authenticity of their kit online. It is to be kept in refrigerator between 2 – 8 degrees Celsius.

Mixed reviews

Overall reviews in the bodybuilding and anti aging communities are positive. People report getting the usual growth hormone related results from Taitropin. However there are some who claim this brand is no good, though without specifying any reasons.


Some believe that Taitropin is a replacement of Kigtropin. It seems to have emerged shortly after Kigtropin briefly disappeared from the market. Nowadays both brands are available.

Taitropin review

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