Scitropin A

    • Manufactured by: SciGen Ltd
    • Country of origin: Singapore
    • Manufactured since: 2005 – Present
    • Price: $8 – $13 per IU
    • Website:

Scitropin is a medium purity, 191 amino acid sequence somatropin produced by SciGen. This HGH brand is not available in Europe and Americas. It has mostly found it’s way to the Australian black market where people are reporting mixed reviews.


The manufacturer of Scitropin reports that there are counterfeit boxes of their product in circulation.

Sciroxx Scitropin copy

There seems to be a “steroid lab” named Sciroxx. They also claim to produce their own Scitropin. It is highly unlikely that a bathtub pharmacy would be able to manufacture proper human growth hormone. The required equipment alone would come at a multi million dollar price tag. In addition it would require having technicians capable of genetically engineering E.Coli bacteria to produce the 191 amino acid somatropin. The unrealistic price of $1.9 per IU indicates that this is most likely a scam.

Scitropin review

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