• Manufactured by: unknown, generic
    • Country of origin: China
    • Manufactured since: 2013 – Present
    • Price: $3 – $8.5 per IU
    • Source: 5kits

Strongtropin comes as a freeze dried white powder – 20 x 10 IU (3.3 mg) vials per box. Like the rest of generic HGH, it’s most likely produced in China and branded for a Russian distributor. Strongtropin is readily available in UK and Australia but in the later it comes at very high price.

Mixed reviews

Some users have reported painful red welts around injection spot which would indicate low purity and higher levels of bacterial residue. The cause of red welts might also be a 192 amino acid sequence HGH mimic – which produces similar results as real HGH but comes with a dangerous immune reaction side effect. There are also good reviews, claiming that it’s proper 191 amino acid sequence growth hormone. The batches seem to be inconsistent. Some users believe the vials are overdosed on purpose to create the “marketing buzz” reviews of how strong the “strongtropin” is.


Strongtropin is likely overdosed (under reported) generic human growth hormone, produced in China. It made it’s way into Australia where it’s sold at an extremely high price.

Strongtropin review

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